Riar Academy of Performing Arts has a year-round program offering exclusive Dance Training in both Bollywood and Classical Kathak Dance.

“Bollywood” Dance is the most modern and ever-evolving form of dance found in the Mumbai Film Industry, and is seen most extensively in Bollywood Films produced in India. Bollywood combines multiple aspects and disciplines of Indian Folk and Classical Dances, Hip Hop and Lyrical Hip Hop, Modern Jazz and Contempory, Rock n’ Roll/Swing, and African/Afro-Jazz movements.

The RAPA Bollywood Curriculum includes training in all of these movements and disciplines, while dancing to the most recent music currently trending in the Bollywood scene.

Class options for Bollywood:

  • Pre-K (Ages 3.5-5 years old)
  • Kids (Ages 4.5-8+ years old)
  • Juniors (Ages 9-11+ years old)
  • Pre-Teens (Ages 11.5 – 13+ years old)
  • Teens (Ages 13.5 – 18+ years old)
  • Adults (18+ – 99+ years old)
  • ADVANCED Kids (offered to 6-8+ year old Kids by Instructor Invitation only – must have danced a minimum of 2 continuous sessions with RAPA)
  • ADVANCED Juniors (offered to 9-12+ year old Juniors by Instructor Invitation only – must have danced a minimum of 2 continuous sessions with RAPA)
  • Teens Elementary (offered to 13+ year old Teens by Instructor Invitation only – must have danced a minimum of 2 continuous sessions with RAPA)
  • Teens Advanced (offered to 13+ year old Teens by Instructor Invitation only – must have danced a minimum of 2 continuous Elementary or Advanced sessions with RAPA)
  • SHOWKIDS™, PRE-ITP™, AND ITP™ (INTENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM) – by AUDITION only – Must have danced a minimum of 2 continuous Elementary or Advanced sessions with RAPA – Auditions offered only twice per academic year.


Kathak Dance is recognized as one of the major Classical Dance Forms of India. It is a centuries-old discipline that maintains its roots in the temple but gained its popularity and artistry from the courtyards of the Mughal Empire. The Kathak discipline incorporates fast rhythmic footwork patterns while wearing several pounds of brass bells around each of the dancers’ ankles. Its fast and rhythmic movements are complemented by grace and poise, combined with narrative storytelling, beautiful abstract movements, and stunning pirouettes.

The RAPA Kathak Curriculum incorporates both the traditional “centuries-old” discipline with a more modern version of the art form seen today. Students follow a yearly curriculum and take RAPA Certification exams before moving to the next level. The entire RAPA Kathak Program takes approximately 7-8 years to complete and ends in a Senior Graduation Project and Ceremony.

Beginning Class Options for Kathak:

  • Kathak 1A (first year curriculum for Kids and Juniors under 12 years of age)
  • Kathak 1B (first year curriculum for Teens/Adults 13+ years; OR must have passed 1A exams)
  • Kathak 2 (must have passed 1B exams, requires 2 classes per week)
  • Kathak 3+ (By Instructor Placement Only)


SHOWKIDS™, PRE-ITP™, AND ITP™ (INTENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAM) – by AUDITION only –Auditions offered only twice per academic year.

" My daughter has been taking Kathak classes from Meera for more than a year now and I must say that I am very pleased about her progress. Meera is an excellent Kathak teacher and I am very impressed with her teaching style. "

- A. Pathak (Dublin)

" We have really enjoyed sending our child to RAPA. At the age of 3.5 yrs, our daughter joined RAPA. Karan and his team have been fantastic. They are dedicated, and also keep the children engaged during the one hour. My daughter never wants to miss her class! May the good work always continue. "

- R. Mani (Fremont)

" This whole program is fabulous. All the teachers I met and worked with were awesome dancers, teachers and people. Taking the Bollywood class was so much fun. It's hard to imagine how the Indian American community of Northern California could be as robust and cohesive as it is without Riar. As "the only white guy" in my class, I loved the opportunity to meet and learn from all of my warm, open, and accomplished fellow dance students. "

- M. Freeman, MD (San Rafael/SF)

" I loved the service! The teachers are amazingly creative and their shows are phenomenal. Costumes are beautiful and the choreography is awesome. But above all they are the nicest people. "

- A. Budhraja (San Rafael)

" Karan & Meera Riar are truly amazing and phenomenal. All the instructors are the best dance instructors in business. We are truly happy to see our 2 young girls learn not just the dance techniques but also gain confidence, enjoy, and look forward to the next dance class as the instructors are very encouraging and make learning fun. "

- A. Shah (Fremont)

" I loved the moves, the energy, excitement, happiness of being together and all the mishaps, jokes and fun time. Kids love it. It's a great way for kids to learn all good Hindi songs and shake some leg! Karan, Meera, and Jay is a perfect Team. Love you all! "

- M. Demla (Dublin)

" My daughter is enjoying her Kathak class v much. Thanks to Meera... Loved her teaching style. "

- L. Shelke (Cupertino)

" Simply the most professional dance academy in the Bay Area... "

- M. Judge (Dublin)

" We love dancing with Riar Academy of Performing Arts. Our Kids are having fun while learning to dance at the same time. No pressure, no stress. "

- B. Banerjee (Dublin/Fremont)

" I loved the service! Amazing steps,very fun instructor with full of positive attitude energy and awesome crew to dance with. "

- H. Raza (Dublin)

" I love the instructors! Very professional and I love the 2 spectacular shows they host every year!! Already recommending to all our friends!! "

- S. Padhi (Dublin)

" Riar Academy consists of very fun loving and friendly group of instructors. They have a passion to teach dance,full of vigour and energy "

- S. Goyal (Fremont)

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